The Mr. Bjarnfredarson Poster and the Shape of Things to Come?


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The poster for the upcoming Mr. Bjarnfredarson (see ICN story here) is that rare thing; an Icelandic movie poster that not only really works, but goes beyond that and into the realm of the excellent. Capturing beautifully the essence of the film’s story – a man having to face the monster he’s become – it manages both to get across the tragedy and the comedy of the whole saga. It’s a perfect pitch for the Icelandic market, where the series – and especially the character of Georg Bjarnfredarson – have become a cultural landmark. Expect a monster hit.


Yes, I know it’s kinda old (last spring) but anyways.

They’re calling it a “Motion Poster” and its spelling the doom of traditional print advertising. What do you think? (via Posterwire).